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Motor Vehicle Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Can I renew someone else’s vehicle registration?

  • Can I store my vehicle if I won’t be driving it for a period of time?

  • How can I get a handicap parking permit or plates and is there a charge?

  • I have lost the registration and/or sticker to put on my license plate, how much is a new one?

  • I have moved in from another state, what do I need to do in order to register and title my vehicle in Iowa?

  • I have sold my vehicle, where do I apply for the refund?

  • I’ve lost my title, how do I apply for a replacement?

  • If I buy a car, where do I get the title transferred?

  • If my spouse passes away, do I have to remove their name from the certificate of title?

  • What forms do I need to transfer a title for a vehicle I bought from a dealer?

  • What forms do I need to transfer a title for a vehicle I bought from a private individual?

  • What information do I need to bring in if I am removing a deceased spouse/owner?

  • When does a trailer have a title and when does it only have a registration?

  • Where do I get the required forms needed to complete a title transfer?