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  • Can I use a Power of Attorney to request an absentee ballot for my spouse?

  • Do I have to change my voter registration if my name or address changes?

  • How do I know my ballot will be counted correctly?

  • I heard one of the candidates is ahead based on absentee voting. Is this right?

  • If someone helps me mark the ballot, can they tell others how I voted?

  • Is the voting system trustworthy?

  • This is my first time voting. What do I need to do?

  • What is a provisional ballot?

  • What kind of voting system will I see?

  • When are absentee ballots counted?

  • When are election results released?

  • Who determines whether a voter's provisional ballot is valid?

  • Who is on the ASVP Board?

  • Why are the official results different from the results posted on election night?