Voting on Election Day

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Iowa's New ID Requirements

Beginning January 1, 2018, registered voters will be asked to show their ID before voting at the polls. Anyone who does not have their ID will be asked to sign an oath verifying their identity and will then be allowed to cast a regular ballot.

Beginning January 1, 2019, Iowa voters will be required to show one form of Proof of Identity at the polls before they vote:

  • Iowa Driver's License or Non-operator's ID
  • Out-of-state Driver's License or Non-operator's ID
  • U.S. Passport
  • U.S. Military ID or Veteran's ID
  • ID card issued by employer
  • Student ID issued by Iowa high school or college
  • Tribal ID/document

If Proof of Identity does not contain the voter's current address, one form of Proof of Residence must be provided:

  • Residential lease
  • Utility bill (including a cell phone bill)
  • Bank statement
  • Paycheck
  • Government check
  • Other government document
  • Property tax statement (current within 45 days of final payment date)

Don't have an ID?

If a registered voter does not have an Iowa driver's license or non-operator's ID, a voter card will be issued free of charge. Voter cards must be signed before going to the polls on Election Day.