About the Cerro Gordo County Auditor Department

The Institute of Public Affairs has labeled County Auditor offices as the “Hub of County Government.” The Auditor and staff are always available to assist with your questions and invite you to visit our office anytime Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

The Cerro Gordo County Auditor performs a variety of duties, including:

Budget Central

The Auditor’s office is considered “Budget Central” for all government entities. Schools, cities, townships, and E911 Service Board file their completed budgets with the Auditor. After review by the Auditor, they are submitted to the State Department of Management. Following the Board of Supervisors’ public hearing for the budget, the Auditor then files the certified County Budget with the State Department of Management.

Clerk to the Board of Supervisors

The Auditor initiates bid notices, solicits proposals for County contracts for materials and services, and receives contract proposals. County ordinances and minutes are prepared, published, recorded, and maintained by the Auditor.

Commissioner of Elections

In addition to federal, state, and county elections, the Commissioner of Elections also assumes the duties of all city, school, and special elections.

County Financial Officer

Claims for payment for all services and materials rendered and charged to various county departments are submitted to our office for payment. It is the Auditor’s responsibility to ensure that the county departments do not exceed the budget appropriation approved by the Board of Supervisors.

County Registrar of Voters

The Auditor is responsible for maintaining the current records of residents desiring to vote and purging the records of those no longer eligible to vote. The Auditor can then prepare the necessary lists of qualified voters for each election.

County Tax Accountant

The Auditor tabulates taxable valuations for each property owner in the county. After applying proper exemptions, homestead and military credits, roll backs and other adjustments to the assessed valuations certified by the Assessor’s office, the Auditor certifies the “taxable” value of the county to the State. This computation creates the tax rate from which each taxpayer’s statement is prepared.

After the State returns the certified tax rates for the above-mentioned taxing entities in the County, the Auditor becomes the “County Tax Accountant” and applies these tax rates to the taxable valuation of each total governmental tax asking. These figures are then certified to the County Treasurer’s office for collection.

Custodian of the Election Returns and Records

The Auditor certifies the results to the State and issues certificates of election to the proper persons.


These documents are filed and maintained in the Auditor’s office.


The Auditor’s office processes cigarette licenses and beer permits.

Other Reporting Requirements

The Auditor’s office processes reports required by the Bureau of Census, Labor, OSHA, Job Service of Iowa and various other general reports.

Overseer of the County Plats and Transfer of Real Estate

Documents dealing with the transfer of real estate that are recorded in the Recorder’s office are also forwarded to the Auditor’s office. After the documents have been proofed for accuracy and chain of title researched, the document is entered into the Transfer Book. Plat and transfer records are maintained showing ownership of all parcels of land for taxation purposes.


All the County payroll is computed and distributed by our office. Related reports such as FICA, IPERS, State and Federal withholding, insurance 457 Deferred Compensation plans, and other deduction reports are filed with the proper entities.

Records and Plans

The Auditor’s office files records and plans such as drainage records and assessments, and road and bridge records.